Welcome to Pitch Circle

We get together once a week to pitch our StartUp ideas to others. Everyone can pitch and get questions & feedback from others. Sessions are through Google Hangouts.

We have a simple set of rules:

  • Have something to show (ppt, url, something).
  • Be ready for feedback, good and bad.
  • Have fun, be honest and be nice.
  • We get together once a week. You can re-pitch as much as you want, but newcomers have priority.
  • You can be listener-only.
  • Everyone can ask & write feedback.
  • 3 pitches max. per session. 30 minute sessions.
  • 2 minutes pitch.
  • 4 minutes Q&A.
  • People can send you feedback by email or any other channel you want.
  • Google Hangout based. Free and open.
  • Use the hashtag #pitchcircle when posting in other places, so we can all see it.

What’s your StartUp idea?